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For nearly half a century Filois Socks " manufacturing socks in Algeria " has served its valued customers .

Filois Socks is located 60 km from the east of the capital of Algeria (Algiers) in the region of Chabet El Ameur Wilaya of Boumerdes .

Filois Socks offers you a high quality of wide range of hosiery products thanks to its large choice of mills and to its successful equipment .

Filois Socks offers smooth socks for all categories ( Men , women, children and junior ) and for athletes as well .

To ensure the trust of its customers Filois Socks is certified to ISO 9001 V.2000 system.

It also offers
* The son of textured polyamide dyed and unbleached titration in 2/78 and 2/100.
* The son gimped off-white and black with spandex.
* Acrylic dyed 1/30 and 1/34